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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Snowy, Knitty Day

It's one of my favorite kind of days... snowy, blowy, wintry and knitty. Knitty because I'd LOVE to spend the entire day knitting, and knitty because it's the perfect day for wearing knitted things, like scarves and gloves and sweaters.

This day is especially appreciated because it is so rare this winter. It's our first snowy day of the season! The first snow day for school children and their teachers, the first time to take snow photos, the first day that's a genuine excuse to stay inside and watch the world go by. Not that much is going on out there ... even the chickens are staying inside.

 But the horses love a good snowy frolic, and they are liking this first snowy day, too.

Unfortunately, this snowy day is also Monday, and that means I must work, whether it's snowing or not. Knitting must wait. Instead, I've written payroll checks, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, cooked lunch, washed clothes, and finally, I've just finished a story for our local newspaper, a weekly for which I'm an occasional contributor.

You'd love to meet the subjects of my story this week. They are a 90-something pair who inspire me to no end with their positive attitudes, youthful outlook and willingness to be of service to the community. That is the reason for the story: these two sweet people are mega-volunteers. They suffered the loss of their home last year in the Joplin tornado and were forced to move to our town to be near their daughter. Instead of sitting back and bemoaning their losses, they forge ahead, seeking new ways to serve. I want to be just like them when I grow up ... or old. Whichever comes first. Besides all that, they are devoted to each other and their love just shines through their eyes. It's a real sweet Valentine's Day story, perfect for warming up this cold February day.

Now back to knitting. I keep doing that ... going back to knitting. I'm wanting to make a quilt and have a great idea for one, but I can't seem to put down my knitting ... or at least, my thoughts of knitting. Last night I started a new project, always a time for rejoicing. I love, love, love starting something new.

This is a cowl, knit in the round, with a sort of lacy look about it. I didn't want to use real lace yarn ... to fine and spider-webby ... but I think it's going to be nice made from this worsted-weight blend of merino and silk.

 And oh, this blue! I adore this color.  I hope the person for whom it is intended loves this color, too, because this yarn is dear to my heart, and I'd be sad to not have it appreciated.

Last week I made another potato chip scarf. Yep, I couldn't have just one.

This version is slightly smaller and a bit daintier. I think I like it better this way. This can probably be worn when it isn't exactly cold outside ... more of a necklace than a scarf. More of a fashion statement than a garment of warmth and necessity. I love it.

You know, I'm not a big fan of necklaces. All the chunky, showy ones that look so fine on other women just make me feel weighted down. But in winter I rarely go anywhere without something draped around my neck, and it's almost always a scarf. Here's another new one.

 It's a cowl, too ... called a Bandana Cowl, because of the pointy front resembling a cowboy's bandana tied around his neck. I made one for a daughter for Christmas. Wondering if the other daughter wants one, too. I sort of like this one. The yarn is so yummy...Mochi Plus, one of my true favs. Love the luster, the colorways, the silky-smoothness of this yarn. Back to the pattern ... if you'd like to try it, it's free here:

Let's talk a tiny minute about Ravelry. If you knit, you surely know about this wonderful place. It's simply fantastic for finding inspiration, free patterns, help, friends, supplies, whatever you need. I could almost live in Ravelry, if they had food online...

Speaking of food, all this snow and cold and tramping around playing with the horses has made me hungry. Time to go rustle up some grub. Hope you've had a wonderful snowy day, too!