pink peony

pink peony
old-fashioned peony

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It has been a most unusually hot and dry spring in the Ozarks. We depend on this season to give us vital moisture with which to face a long summer. 2012  has decided to be different and has, instead, skipped spring and gone directly to the baking season. We will cope with it, but it is a challenge. Never before have we had to feed cattle for lack of grass in May. Never before have we had to purchase hay because the initial crop is so short. It is what it is, and we do what we must. 

The grass is brown, but there are a few spots of color, and on this late spring evening I've been out appreciating what blooms there are.

Never let it be said that there is no true blue in nature. This clematis looks blue to me.

Stan's grandpa's old milk can and strainer are a good host for one of my favorites, calibrachoa, which I call a miniature petunia. I just love these dependable little pot plants and have them in several colors.

Another clematis grows near an old planting of lamb's ears. 

Though they seem almost insignificant to my human eyes, the bees just adore the blooms on this old garden plant.

I don't have to ever think of pruning this honeysuckle. The horses think I put it here just for them to nibble on.

Oakleaf hydrangea perked up after an early morning shower of rain. They were so droopy just yesterday, pouting and unhappy with the dry conditions. Today is a new day!

The asiatics add a bold pop of color for a little while.

We're just hoping and praying there are more showers to come. Perhaps spring and summer just decided to take turns.