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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball and little lids for little kids

If it was a business and I wanted to publicize it, I'd call it "Little Lids for Little Kids." But a business it is not! I just love to knit hats for tiny heads -- and sometimes for bigger ones, too. In the last few weeks, my knitting has slowed considerably -- the longer days mean I don't sit down in the evening as early (I only knit at night.) But now that the Cards are back on television (in other words, baseball season is officially open!) I foresee that I'll be back to knitting full-strength again. 

The tiny ones in this batch will go to Newborns in Need. It's so gratifying to think about the work of my hands helping a tiny baby get a warmer start in life. Even when the weather is warm, it's usually cool inside a home (here in the USA, anyway.) So my knitting season can extend into baseball season with no delay, rain or otherwise.

And the need only grows, so there is no time-out for production. Babies continue to be born, to families that can care for them and also to parents who cannot. There are too many newborns who need a pinch runner to help them get around the bases. 

I'm no big-name star when it comes to knitting; I think of myself as more of a utility player, behind the scenes but ready to come in and help where needed. Yet when I hand over a stack of my little lids to be given to needy babies, I feel as if I've hit a monster home run--out of the park, baby! Fire up the fireworks!

I'm excited for a fresh, new look for my beloved Cardinals (who got a great first win last night for their rookie manager! Great job, Kyle, my man!) It's a day off today, but tomorrow night I'm going to pull out some red cotton yarn and cast on one for the newborn team, while I root, root, root for my home team. Peanuts or crackerjacks, anyone??