pink peony

pink peony
old-fashioned peony

Thursday, June 26, 2014

While you were sleeping ...

It was a foggy morning as the sun arose over the hills, so the fellows had to wait a little while before heading out to gather cattle. 

Finally, they were off! There he goes, on his trusty steed. The real steeds are livin' the life of Reilly these days, spending all their time sleeping, eating, sleeping some more -- Lucky, Peppy and Smoky retired two years ago when someone's back decided horseback was no longer an option. We don't hear them complaining. 

While I waited, I noticed that while we'd slept the night away, some workers had been busy. The field and roadsides were positively bedecked in thousands of small webs. Some were very intricate and closely woven


Some were cup-like, as this one was, and made of the finest gossamer.

Most were suspended from one stalk of fescue. The dewdrops made them visible, like the tiniest strings of pearls.
I am just amazed, over and over again, at the weaver's skill.





As the day dawned, other creatures began to get busy, as well.

Webs weren't the only lovely things to behold around me.

Blackberries are beginning to swell on their prickly vines.

Gooseberries need to be really ripe before I take a bite.


The cool green of these delicate ferns is one of my favorite gifts of nature.


Mother Nature creates the loveliest bouquets.
Here they come -- 75 mamas and babies, and my job is to turn them in to the corral that is behind that truck. I'm glad to say there were no ornery ones this morning, and they did just what I wanted them to do.
Day three of summer cattle working is now in full swing. Only another four weeks of these early, early mornings! I don't like to get up before daylight, but once I'm up and out there, I'm so well rewarded by all there is to see, if I just look around.
Friends, take time to look!