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Friday, August 31, 2012

I am part of a group that makes Prayer Shawls. For the last couple of years, we've met twice monthly and made all kinds of things for a variety of folks who have a variety of needs -- loneliness, grief, pain -- take my word for it: the needs are there.

Our desire is simple -- to knit (or crochet or whatever) things with built-in prayers and blessings. Sometimes when we start an item, it's with a particular person (and his/her need) in mind. And sometimes we just start, knowing that a need will arise. The sad thing is, it always does.

This shawl is called Balm to the Soul. Aptly named, I believe, for as soon as it rolls off my needles I learn of someone who needs it to help sooothe a hurting soul. This pattern was introduced in July, and I've made three of them. With each one, I had no idea why I was making it -- just knew that I wanted to make it.  And each time, just as I was ready to bind off, there appeared -- seemingly, out of the blue (but not really!) -- someone who needed it. Each time, the answer was completely unexpected. But always perfect.

I love this pattern, with it's pretty lace edge and just the perfect triangular shape. And this yarn was just a dream -- the uber-popular MadelineTosh -- perfect for this Balm. I felt peace and contentment in my own soul with every stitch I took. As the project progresses, the prayers become automatic -- blessing adds to blessing, row after row, until the shawl is complete.

I am mailing this shawl today to a friend who is losing her husband. He's too young to go, and she's too young to lose him. But lose him she will, and I pray that this shawl will wrap her in a hug of loving concern. I can't be there to give her a hug in person, but I pray that she'll feel a soothing comfort as she drapes the pretty shawl around her shoulders.

And would you believe -- yes, you will -- that just this morning I learned of another friend who's facing a similar challenge? It always works that way. Tonight I shall choose some yarn  (I have another couple of balls of MadelineTosh in a lovely burgundy color -- maybe?) and begin another prayer shawl.

It's what I can do....

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  1. That's just beautiful, Janet, and what a cool ministry!