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pink peony
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Monday, September 17, 2012


FISHIN' (the farm way)

Big brother and little sister came home with us after church yesterday. Although the day was rather dark and dreary, we created some bright spots by going fishing in our farm pond. When we got to the water's edge, we found we were intruding on someone already there. Can you see him? That black-and-white speck sitting on a limb over Wyatt's right shoulder?

I'm sure he was thinking that we were a noisy bunch, but it didn't scare him away. There were, after all, fish a-plenty.

It's so much fun to get a bite...

and then all that work to bring the big one in ....

but it's SO worth it!

Our superhero, VICE-GRIP MAN, to the rescue! (I need to do a whole piece about that -- the many uses of these ever-present, ever-helpful tools that make holes in his back pocket, but we go nowhere without them!)

Our friend kept tabs on the catch...

and probably resented the size of our haul....

but we were sure proud!~

Just as we turned our backs to leave, he decided he'd had enough...

and flew to the other end of the lake to complain to the ducks.,,,

who decided to boycott the whole thing.

We had fun -- even those of us who don't fish -- and will recall the afternoon as a bright and shiny memory, in spite of the gray skies that threatened to soak us.

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  1. Janet, that sounds like such a good time, and seeing an eagle had to be the icing on an already delicious cake! LOVE your new header!