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Friday, February 15, 2013

Now that the most recent prayer shawl is winging its way south, toward the shoulders of my friend who's taking radiation treatments, it's back to the most exciting part of knitting (or creating anything, in my opinion)...getting to choose and start something new!

Last night I cast on with some Berroco Flicker (mostly baby alpaca, with a touch of acrylic for stretch and a touch of something else for sparkle) to make my second -- no, wait, I think this is my third -- Piper's Journey.

Can you see the touch of sparkle? Just enough...

Piper's Journey is another wonderful pattern I found on Ravelry. You can find it right here:

This pattern is not one of the free ones, but since I've used it multiple times I believe it was worth the small cost of $5.00 for the download.

I've been wearing my own Piper's Journey all winter -- stitched up in a Quince & Co. yarn called Osprey in the bird's egg colorway. I never fail to receive comments when I wear my Piper's Journey.

Making crescent shawls is such fun -- almost magic how they take shape, and quickly, too!

And I do love this Flicker yarn. It's a sort of braided concoction, very cushy with soft stretch and so sweet to handle. This is my third project made of Flicker, and I doubt it will be my last. I'm not a flash-glam person, but the tiny touch of glitter in this yarn is just right to brighten any day.

As I knit, I wonder who will be the recipient of this soft gray shawlette? Right at the moment, I have no idea who she is, but it never fails that there is someone out there, just waiting and needing something. I'll know when I'm supposed to know. So for now, I knit -- and pray. For after all, this is a prayer shawl.

I do love knitting. Have I said that already?

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  1. That is a nice bit of sparkle, Janet! It's quite wonderful how you warm people's hearts with your needles and yarn.