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pink peony
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow in Spring


When we woke up this morning, a winter wonderland had arrived, paying no attention to the fact that Spring has already sprung.
After a while of looking out at all the beautiy, I decided to actively participate by taking a ramble.
Our house looks pretty with a white hat, don't you think?
As I made my way through the heavy accumulation, it was slow going. I heard these guys talking about me, long before I saw them. They were saying, "Is she really headed to the lake? No way! That's our lake!"
Yes, I was headed to the lake, to see who might be bravely swimming on this chilly morn.
Only three hardy ducks, who showed disdain at my approach -- they swam the other way.
The cattle, who also consider the lake and its surrounding field their domain, joined the ducks in expressing their displeasure at my intrusion. They turned tail and sought privacy elsewhere.
But even though I got a less-than-friendly welcome from those creatures, I still was rewarded for my efforts. The lake was so pretty this morning.
The cedar trees wear their winter garb well.
So do the hardwoods.
I trekked on up to the barn...
and said hello to Big Guy and Little Guy, who were a little warmer in their greeting than the others. Perhaps it was the fact that they were confined to the corral and couldn't escape that made me think they were friendlier.
Now it is time for vegetable soup and cornbread.
What's for lunch at your house?

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  1. Oh Janet, wasn't it beautiful? You captured it well, and I love your animal personifications. What a lovely lake!