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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God calling...

I have heard ths phrase a lot lately -- I guess there are books or blogs or some other sort of writing with this title. Or maybe it is "Jesus calling..." I don't know much about these writings because I haven't had time to check them out. But the snippets I've seen are always intriguing and to the point.

As I was walking along my usual path back through the long hayfield this morning, I realized I heard something new -- not a sweet trilling bird call or the rumble of thunder or one of the cows bawling for her baby to come running -- it was God calling. Calling me and telling me some things I needed to hear. And as I listened, something else occurred to me. It took me being out there, away from the house and its dirty floors and dusty tabletops and ringing telephone and bleeping computer, to hear God calling me.

Walking is the way I can exercise, but I'm not very consistent about it. I am too busy -- or it has rained and my trail is too muddy -- or it's too cold -- or some other excuse, of which there is always one. I walk for a couple of weeks and then I get off track (no pun intended!) What a shame that one of the easiest, best things I can do for myself is something I neglect so often!

But after this morning, I will have a new perspective on my morning walk. As I tie my shoelaces, I will look forward to a chat with my Father, not in my "closet," but out in His creation. This just might be the best incentive ever for getting out there and hitting the trail!

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  1. What better motivation could there be? And incidentally, Jesus Calling is well worth reading.