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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A simple tree skirt

I love finding things that other women have made, especially vintage items. This simple tree skirt was in a flea market, tucked in among other nondescript items. The price was very low, but when I pulled it out and really looked at it I could see it was all done by hand.
The lady who made this simply cut a large circle out of a single piece of material that feels like a lightweight cotton duck, cut a slit to the middle, finished the cut edges with twill tape, and cut a circle for the center to fit around the base of the Christmas tree. Then she embroidered her simple message and sweet shapes that might have been traced around cookie cutters. The work is not perfect nor is it of exceptional quality, but the overall effect is very sweet.
Around the star ...
and around the snowman, the embroidery is couched. Kind of interesting that she added this element to such a simple, primitive piece of embroidery.
I love that the little deer is smiling.  :)
The candle is cross-stitched.

A sweet little wreath with holly berries and bow ...

...and a purple bell with rust spot nearby for accent.  :)
The underside of the tree skirt reveals how neatly she worked her outline stitch on the sleigh and star.
And here is the mystery element in this primitive piece. It's an airplane, with some numbers and letters embroidered upon it. Any guesses as to what they mean?
This shows how she finished the hemmed edge with a wide blanket stitch.

This modest little tree skirt is nothing special, except perhaps to me and hopefully to its new owners. This little piece is going to a new home where some wonderful little children will love it. The shapes look as if Wyatt and Addie could have drawn them! I wish the woman who made this could somehow know that it is still being loved and used.


  1. I love vintage stuff. I buy quilt tops, pieced, and always choose the ones that really look like some woman searched and planned and used what she had on hand.....and then I have the fun of quilting them. I like to imagine that the woman who pieced the quilt somehow knows that now her quilt is finished. I know that Wyatt and Addie will love this tree skirt.

  2. The N number on the airplane is the tail number that identifies is...all airplanes have a tail number. You could probably do a search and find out who owns or owned this plane.
    Sweet tree skirt.